Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blockbuster Reviews Part One

Ah, the summer months - lots of films to be seen and chewed over. I love the summer blockbuster season because I am a sucker for popcorn action movie fun! Without further ado, here's my scores on the doors for the films I have seen so far...

Mission Impossible III - 6/10
Good film, worth the ticket price, but definitely signalling the end of the franchise for me as it seemed to have ran out of ideas. Nice sideways look at the way the MI thing works. Too much of a Tom Cruise Message film for me to like more.

The Da Vinci Code - 8/10
Liked the book and the film was essentially the book on the screen. Covered all of the aspects I wanted to see on screen well, and glossed over some of the slower bits. I think some people may have expected more action, but I just wanted the clever history bits cos I'm a geek for that stuff.

X-Men III: The Last Stand - tbc
Posiedon - tbc
Nacho Libre - tbc
Superman Returns - tbc
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - tbc

And there's bound to be more! I haven't even considered the Childrens Animated Quota yet

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