Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rarer than Rocking Horse Crap...

...a decent Alliance PUG?

Having a little sabbatical from the trials and travails of the Dungeoneers for a while, I have been concentrating on Branan, my dwarf warrior on Scarshield Legion, an RPPVP realm. It's been an experience, for sure. Not a lot of PvP and to be honest, not a whole lot of RP either, although it is 'in the air'. I've never seen Stormwind so bloody active!

I've reached level 22 through mostly soloing and a few 'knowing nods' impromptu groupings without actually forming a party. However, last night I reached the point where I knew I was headed to the Deadmines and that would need me to join a group *shudder*. Now my previous alliance character had some absolute NIGHTMARES in alliance PUGs and I have to say my expecations were pretty low.

At around 7pm, the LFG channel in Westfall was buzzing with DM PUGs, but after tea at 8pm is was silent. I trotted down to the entrance to DMs and sat there and started chatting to a 22 NE Warrior who was there as well. He was looking for a PUG too. Aha! Theres our frontline sorted. So, I decided to do a comedy LFG about wanting to 'Spank Van Cleefs arse!'. Comedy always gets a response and soon we had a Rogue and a Warlock. And then something amazing happened.

Obviously, we were in need of a healer. So I LFM'd for one healer and got back tumbleweed. Comedy LFM followed - still nothing. And then a /w from someone random saying they knew a healer that wanted to come? Bizarre...but 20s later I get a /w from a priest wanting to come and yes, it was the first guys mate! I was taken aback.

So the five of us trundled into Deadmines and well, to be blunt, crushed it like a bug. The entire run took under an hour and a half to complete and we trashed all of the bosses and even some rare spawn boss that dropped a nice shield for me. The NE warrior, Bolt, got the sword he wanted, the warlock got the Emberseer Staff and the priest got Cookies wand. Everything was done 'right', we had no poor pulls, the healing was exemplary, the tactics great, the banter amusing - all in all, an extremely entertaining nights ... entertainment.

And I will be honest, playing a warrior does seem to be a little more entertaining than a druid. It's just a little more gung-ho than the healing role, more relaxing. And it has a lot of button pressing and a lot of very quick value judgements on what to use rage on, and thats quite cool.

All I need now is to find a good RP guild and I am sorted!


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